Clanwilliam launches practice management system iMedDoc into the UK

Cloud-based, mobile-centric, electronic medical record iMedDoc joins Clanwilliam’s UK portfolio of practice management solutions, alongside DGL Practice Manager.
iMedDoc offers a modern, flexible option for clinics and consultants looking to develop a successful private practice, backed by a patient app.


Clanwilliam is launching iMedDoc, a cloud-based, mobile-centric, practice management solution for private practice, in the UK.

Clanwilliam is already a leading provider of software to the independent healthcare sector in the UK, as the supplier of market leader DGL Practice Manager, which was developed for large private practices, hospitals and hospital teams and currently serves over 3,000 customers.

The decision to add iMedDoc to its portfolio of UK practice management solutions is driven by the need for customer flexibility. With decades of experience in delivering technology to support private healthcare, Clanwilliam recognises that each private practice is unique and has preferred workflows. By offering a lighter and cloud based solution as part of an advanced product suite customers will have the opportunity to adopt the workflow that best mirrors their desired way of working.

Eileen Byrne, Managing Director at Clanwilliam Ireland said: “Private healthcare is developing rapidly in the UK, as patients look for a faster, more personalised service than an under-pressure NHS can deliver.

“We saw a requirement for a different kind of IT system to support the clinics and specialists that are looking to deliver that service, and iMedDoc fulfils that requirement.

“It brings the mobile technology that we have all adopted in our daily lives to bear on practice management tasks, so clinicians can save time and focus on what really matters to them – their patients.”

iMedDoc was developed in Ireland by an orthopaedic surgeon who wanted to support his own practice. Over 25-years, it has evolved into a modern, modular system that can handle the entire patient journey, from booking to billing.

As a cloud-based system, iMedDoc operates over a browser from anywhere with internet access, or it can be downloaded as an app from Apple or Android app stores.

Eileen continued: “iMedDoc is used by over 700 consultants in Ireland, so we know it can enable specialists to build an effective private practice.

“Its features work together to create effective workflows for clinicians of all kinds, whether they are already established or taking their first steps into the fast-moving world of private practice.”

iMedDoc also comes with a patient app, so patients can manage their own booking, complete questionnaires and hold consultations by video link.

To reduce the time and administration associated with billing, its accounts module integrates commercial accounts systems with Billink, a remote payment solution for healthcare that makes it easy for patients to settle bills by phone or text

Clanwilliam has invested circa £500,000 in adapting iMedDoc for the UK market, making sure that it meets the specific requirements, including integration with the clearing system, Healthcode.

A robust development roadmap is in place for the next two years, starting with an aesthetics module that is scheduled for launch this winter. Among other features, the module will enable clinicians to annotate images, so they can safely deliver cosmetic treatments.

Byrne concluded: “Clanwilliam is a global healthcare technology and services company with more than three decades of experience of helping healthcare organisations and individuals to deliver safe, efficient, and high-quality care to patients.

“The decision to bring iMedDoc to the UK is a great example of our commitment to transfer proven technology from one country to another and to invest in innovation to open up new services.

“We look forward to working with clinics and clinicians who want to use iMedDoc to advance  independent healthcare in the UK, and to grow their practices by better serving their patients.”

Clanwilliam expands leadership team in New Zealand with new sales director appointment

Clanwilliam, global healthcare technology and services group and home to HealthLink, Konnect NET, Toniq and Medical Business Systems, has appointed Paul Graham as Director of Sales (New Zealand) to further drive collaboration, innovation, and coordinated strategy across the ANZ division.

Paul Graham, Director of Sales (New Zealand) said: “It is a privilege to be taking on this new role and driving forward our strategy for Clanwilliam in New Zealand. The people and products that make up our division have great potential to work closely together, leverage synergies, and share solutions that truly benefit our healthcare customers.

“We are already working on further expansion of our successful products into new markets; introducing Konnect NET’s insurer information exchange platform SureMed into Australia and exploring global opportunities for pharmacy software Toniq’s Controlled Drug Register. These initiatives underline our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.”

Paul brings with him a wealth of experience, having spent 6 years at HealthLink, New Zealand’s leading healthcare messaging provider.

Mike Weiss, Managing Director New Zealand says: “We are delighted to see Paul leading the New Zealand sales operations, an integral role in our business,”

“Paul brings outstanding experience in sales strategy, as well as a wealth of knowledge across our customer base and the New Zealand healthcare market that will help support our exciting growth plans as we focus on developing technology to help address challenges in line with national health strategies.”

Global healthcare technology and services group, Clanwilliam, was founded in 1996 by Founder and Group CEO Howard Beggs to help doctors utilise technology to deliver better care. Today, Clanwilliam is a global healthcare group of more than 25 technology products and services committed to improving healthcare across the world.

In total, the Clanwilliam ANZ division has a presence in more than 50,000 practices, hospitals and health enterprises. Other global Clanwilliam products are used by millions of professionals in community pharmacies, private practices, hospitals and NHS Trusts across the UK and Ireland.


[Image L-R, David Young, Howard Beggs, Paul Graham]

Clanwilliam’s HealthLink expands operations in Australia through acquisition of Telstra Health’s Argus, Connecting Care and eReferrals Business

Australian-based technology company Telstra Health has today announced the sale of its secure healthcare messaging and e-referrals business – Argus, Connecting Care, and eReferrals – to HealthLink.

The strategic sale reflects Telstra Health’s commitment to interoperability and open-source standards for healthcare data exchange, by continuing to partner with secure messaging and eReferral providers, while focusing on expanding its clinical solutions and services within Australia and international markets.

Existing customers of Telstra Health’s messaging solution will receive the same level of support through HealthLink, including access to the extensive HealthLink nationwide network. They can also anticipate benefits from HealthLink’s substantial investments in its technology platforms, particularly in API and FHIR-based messaging solutions. These advancements illustrate HealthLink’s commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring ongoing value for its expanding customer base.

Both Telstra Health and HealthLink are ensuring a smooth transition for customers with no disruption to services or support. A transition plan is in place and customers are being contacted.

HealthLink, part of Clanwilliam, is a market leader in secure healthcare message delivery, eReferrals and SmartForms. Operating for more than 15 years, HealthLink is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading healthcare technology businesses, connecting more than 15,000 medical organisations and exchanging over 100 million clinical messages and forms annually.

Since becoming part of Clanwilliam in 2017, HealthLink has continued to grow in the Australian market through ongoing investments in its products and its team.

This acquisition aligns to HealthLink’s Australian growth strategy which focuses on expanding its network of healthcare providers, advancing its technologies, and enhancing customer experiences.

David Young, Managing Director of Clanwilliam Australia, said, “Our priority right now is ensuring a seamless transition for our new customers. We are committed to maintaining the high standards and quality of service that they are used to, as well as offering new and innovative solutions to our expanded customer base.”

Highlighting HealthLink’s focus on playing a key role in shaping the future of digital health in Australia, Young continued, “The landscape of e-health is evolving, and HealthLink, as well as the wider Clanwilliam team, is committed to collaborating closely with stakeholders and customers, recognising the shared vision we all have for an exciting future marked by increased interoperability. We are currently investing substantially in our technology platforms, particularly in API and FHIR based messaging solutions, strategically aligning ourselves with national digital health strategies.”

Telstra Health’s Hospital Care Executive, Chris Norton, said: “This decision is consistent with Telstra Health’s domestic and international growth strategy, focussing on the development of our clinical and interoperable solutions, and partnering where it makes the most sense to deliver the best solutions for our customers.”

Clanwilliam founder and group chief executive Howard Beggs said: “We’re delighted to further expand our e-referrals business and continue to grow our operations across the Australian market. As an Irish-founded company we’ve rapidly accelerated our growth in recent years to become the global healthcare technology and services company we are today, with over 1,000 talented people working delivering 25+ healthcare products and services across three continents.”

For any media enquiries, please contact either HealthLink at or Telstra Health at

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